Street Food Experience

Cyclo and Walking

-Duration 4 hours

Meet Thanhy at 40C Yen Phu. Enjoy 2 hours of leisurley sightseeing in a cyclo on the energetic Thanh Nien Street. Stop by the bicycles selling delicious bo bia, a crunchy, delicate coconut treat you simply can't miss! Afterwards, Thanhy will show you around the Old Quarter. Sample delicious food from generations-old places. Learn the history of each dish and people making it as well as ingredients and preparation. Finish off the tour with egg coffee, yes egg coffee! While you enjoy your egg coffee, she'll give you tips to find also the best meals on plastic stools everytime!



Here are just some of the dishes you'll try:

Nom Bo Kho-  Vietnamese style green papaya salad in a tangy sauce topped with dried beef. 

Banh Cuon- Delicate rice noodle rolls filled with pork and mushrooms accompaned by steaming aromatic broth.

Pho Ga- Vietnamese style chicken noodle soup in a light broth, served with chilis, garlic and topped with fresh herbs.

Che  - Vietnamese sweet dessert made with lotus seeds soup, sesame, coconut cream, and jelly. 


Notes: Food flexible replaces by the season and be tailored by customer if any
Adults:    Children:
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